The company Freund GmbH based in Austria specialization included the cleaning of hard surfaces and the impregnation and maintenance of stone flooring. Stain removal , restoration with scratches , removal of wax , oil , soot , lime and grease stains and the destruction of algae and moss , including on terraces, paths, stairs, kitchen countertops , tables and benches on both indoor and outdoor areas are a part of our area of responsibility .

We handle all types of stone and Mamorflächen . Even with cracks or other damage in marble or stone , we can gladly help you. We also have one for years durable impregnation process which protects the surfaces permanently and makes it look neat .

Another task is the cleaning, polishing and impregnation of stainless steel components, such as Railing , trim, sinks, etc.

We offer a free trial cleaning of the stone surface in order to give the customer an idea of the final result in advance.

Based on our experience and inquiries from abroad , we decided gained knowledge beyond the borders of Austria , the apply and share .

Seen from an experience of over 30 years and our reference list , as are a reliable company .

If you are interested in a free and non-binding sample cleaning , please contact us .

We are either e- mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call +34685 81 20 47 more info www.steinfreund.at .