Integrated Asset Managment and Investment Solutions.

Long-short equities, systematic trading, healtcare, and real estate



Our unique quantitative models, data and better execution allow us to develop a sustainable  trading approach.

Efficient and informed trading is at the core of our expertise. Our trading division excels in two key areas: systematic and discretionary trading. With systematic trading, we employ advanced quantitative models and data analysis to make well-informed trade decisions.

On the other hand, our team of experienced professionals drives our discretionary trading approach, leveraging their market insights and expertise. By combining these approaches, we offer a unique blend of strategies that enhances flexibility and optimizes trading outcomes.


With our strategic approach to portfolio construction and management, we are dedicated to identifying portfolios that hold exceptional potential for growth and stability.

We specialize in acquiring and managing a diverse range of assets, including, health care, real estate, and emerging tech private equities. By carefully selecting these assets, we create a well-balanced and promising portfolio. Our proactive management approach allows us to adapt to market dynamics and optimize returns over the long term. Discover the benefits of our strategic holdings approach.

Highest regulatory standards

and exceptional efficiency.

We are driven by passion for innovation and commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Our Dubai location (registered in DIFC) provides unparalleled flexibility and tax efficiency for our investments. Operating within a common law framework to ensure the highest international standards.

Technology meets expertise

Steinfreund leverages cutting-edge technology like e-Tick Tools, GLOBEX SENTIMENT INDEX, Custom charting, and GAP TOOLS to make informed investment decisions and manage risk.


With 10+ years of experience in traditional and web3 industries, our team offers a unique perspective on the markets.